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Thursday, July 18, 2013




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Steve O’Brien is a successful coach, trainer, mentor, and motivational speaker. As a certified strength and life coach, he has taught to a significant number of children, youth, and adults who are in need of inspiration to get on with their life. Describing himself as a world traveler and philanthropist, he has gone to different parts of the world including US, Canada, Dominican Republic, Africa, and the Philippines to feed hungry children, serve the poor, and shed some light to those who may be losing direction in life.

Steve started coaching, training, and mentoring people of all ages in 1978, specializing as a personal mentor and strength coach to children, teenagers, and young adults. At present, he manages The Peak Performance Agency, a training firm that he founded with the primary aim of equipping both young and professional athletes with strength, motivation, and direction in life to further enhance their sports career.

Combining 30 solid years of experience as a mentor, a fitness center owner, personal trainer, and strength coach for children and adults with another 20 significant years of managing two (2) non-profit organizations aimed at training effective leaders and workers, Steve has helped a lot of under privileged people in the world over the last couple of decades.

It is through all these life experiences and wisdom that enable Steve to prepare athletes to live a successful life on and off the field, be peak performers in all areas, and give back to others from all they will achieve.

His Philosophy

Steve’s philosophy in performing his career and responsibilities is to equip an individual’s body, soul, and spirit with the right virtues and values to prepare him physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and ethically. To be able to do this, he provides developmental training and life success principles in whichever area the individual needs.

As s Strength Coach

As a strength coach, Steve inspires athletes to perform to the best of their abilities in the sports they specialize in using over five decades of involvement and experience in sports, coaching, competition, and training. He trains both beginner and professional athletes in personal fitness, proper nutrition, and skills development including strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and endurance training.

As a Life Coach and Mentor

As a life coach and mentor, Steve helps young athletes to recognize their legitimate passions, find their life’s purpose, and fulfill their destinies.  He teaches them how to be spiritually moral, mentally strong, and emotionally stable to be able to find their way through life’s challenges. Above everything he does, Steve instils good values, helps build character, and teaches his students how to live an enjoyable, ordered, structured, and disciplined life on and off the field.

Steve has an innate ability to see the natural gifts and talents of every individual and bring them forth into their fullest potential. He can take any youth or adult who has a burning passion to succeed and help them reach the highest level of potential they are capable of in sports and in life. Under Steve’s tutelage, every individual becomes motivated, encouraged, inspired, and strengthened to be a success at whatever they decide to do.


Personalized and Specialized Training for Young Athletes

The Peak Performance Agency offers personalized and specialized strength coaching and training designed to further enhance the physical performance and skills of both beginners and professional athletes.

On the other hand, to further motivate and improve the psychological and emotional state of the person, it also provides life coaching and mentoring sessions. This is to help athletes overcome mental blocks, deal with stress and struggles that they face on and off the field, and help them reach their goals in all areas of life, including sports, school, college, personal relationships, professional, and family life.

The coaching and training sessions offered by The Peak Performance Agency are offered for individuals, small groups, or large teams, according the requirement of enrolees.

Headed by Steve O’Brien, a certified strength and life coach with over 50 years of solid experience,  The Peak Performance Agency will travel anywhere in the world where its expertise in motivating, encouraging, and inspiring the youth and young athletes is needed.

Company Vision

The Peak Performance Agency strongly aims to be visible and known in the US and throughout the world as a reliable and professional strength training and life coaching center for both young and professional athletes alike.

Goals and Objectives

With the primary aim of helping many young athletes all over the world, The Peak Performance Agency strives to train thousands of these present and future peak performers and sports figures of the 21st century. It intends to bring out the potential excellence and strength within each young athlete through applicable training courses to empower them to: (1) compete at their maximum level possible, (2) observe ethical practices as athletes and sports figures, and (3) eventually become values-driven role models and agents of positive change in their sport, generation, and nation.

Team Work

At The Peak Performance Agency, we take pride in team work. We encourage camaraderie and participation among athletes, parents, and coaches, involving all of them in the entire process of developing and training the athlete to become a better performer. In line with this, we also provide training sessions for parents and coaches that will help them work with us in the process.

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