The 21G Mentoring Group is a Ministry of Elijah's Cry, USA


The 21 G Mentoring Group is a place for you to find connection, community, ministry opportunities, mentoring and life coaching. We are here to help you learn more about Jesus, walk closer to Him and fulfill God's great purpose and destiny He has for you.
Whether you need a new life, forgiveness from your past, healing in your emotions or body, freedom from mental struggles or addictions, to find out why God has you here or help you get to where He wants you to go; we are here for you to help you through whatever life’s struggles you are going through. We will do all we can to connect you to the only One who can meet all your needs. As a community of one we will help you along the path He has chosen for you.
The 21G Mentoring Group was created by a man whom God has delivered from a very hard life with great mental struggles that began as a child, continued into his teens, young adulthood and as adult in his thirties. He has been healed from very deep wounds, a horrible past, mental disabilities, decades of depression, self destruction, anxiety and fears and now God uses him to help teens and young adults come into all the wonderful plans God has for them.
Pastor Steve is a certified Christian Life Coach, Strength Coach and Chaplain; an ordained minister and has had over 20 years of experience in ministry and missions in many parts of the world.
It is our goal by July of next year 2014 to begin to establish 21G Mentoring Home Groups in the USA and worldwide.

We Offer You One-on-One
  • Life Coaching/Mentoring
  • Career Coaching 
  • Prophetic Guidance 
  • Prayer for Felt Needs, Healing and Freedom
  • Training and Equipping for Ministry and  Missions
On the Blog are many archived postings and on the right side are listed many pages and links that you can go to more information and receive guidance and ministry from.
This is the place where you are loved, accepted and can receive help. Just go to the contact page and e-mail me. We can talk on the phone or Skype video.
Pastor Steve

The 21G Mentoring Group is an extension of the nonprofit ministry, Elijah’s Cry, USA

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