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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

God's Message to this Generation Pt 7 of 8

Let Me get real with you for a minute and deal with one of the many hindrances and excuses people might use to keep from receiving My love and blessings I have for them.
Some of You possibly aren’t listening to what I have to say and or have rejected Me now or in the past because of so much of what you would call hypocrisy by those saying they are Mine. What you need to understand as I love you and I also love the hypocrites and as you need to know Me and so do they. I have been grossly misrepresented and greatly misunderstood since the beginning of man’s existence.
I will tell you about those who really are Mine. They will have some semblance of Me and My character. If you are looking for perfect then stop looking. There are none perfect accept God. Only God is truly holy and perfect. Those that are really Mine love Me and serve Me out of pure hearts and right motives
but they are fallible when they take their focus off Me and place it on themselves. I’m not making excuses but only telling you the truth. They will make mistakes but you know they are Mine when they ask for forgiveness of man and of Me and attempt to allow Me to continue to make the good changes in their character and lives. This is called transformation You will know them by their fruit, how they act and talk.
I say good fruit can’t grow on a bad tree and bad fruit on a good tree. If the tree is Mine then the fruit will match. If they are Mine then there is living proof.
So don’t allow this excuse to keep you from Me because you will have to admit you are full of short comings and flaws right now.
Please only judge Me by Me, how I will treat you personally and by what you will learn of Me in My word.
I’m good. You’ll see if you give Me a chance.
About those who might be misrepresenting Me. Once you’re Mine please pray for them to receive Me also, so I can fellowship, have a relationship, manifest My love to them also to and heal them from their sins and all that is wrong with them. My desire is for the whole world to know Me and receive My love and all I have for them.
What you need to understand is that anyone who really knows Me can’t act or do things outside of My will or character for very long. The reason is that all My overwhelming love and goodness on the inside of them overcomes and wins out over all the bad that can come from the outward mind and body of a man that is in the process of transformation.
I love all of you and I desire a relationship with you.

1 John 2: (NLT) But those who obey God’s word truly show how completely they love him. That is how we know we are living in him.

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